What members say...

"I joined Two Oceans Toastmasters at the end of 2009, primarily to learn to speak in front of large groups of people. I have found much more to learn at Toastmasters. The organization is multi layered. Firstly the people in the club are deeply kind, encouraging and supportive. I quickly understood that everyone was there to learn and that no-one was ever ridiculed or belittled for their input. Secondly, the Competent Communication program is not only creatively constructed but simple to learn. I have tried to follow the instructions for each speech to a T.   As a result I have been excited to witness my growth and confidence as well as that of my fellow Toastmasters. One speech at a time, everyone seems to flourish. Thirdly, there is a lot more than becoming a good speaker at Toastmasters. The Leadership track both personally empowering and highly valuable back in the workplace. It's like a mini business leadership course but with lots of practical experience, very little stress and lots of fun. In a nutshell, I have found the journey at Toastmasters to be an enlightening, fulfilling and empowering one. To be highly recommended."  (Kay Price-Lindsay)

A note:  In the space of two years, Kay went from a nervous first time speaker with promise, to winning the Southern Africa International Speaking Contest in 2012 and representing District 74 at the World Championships in Orlando, Florida, USA.


"I am a lone wolf by nature. In order to achieve my personal goals in Toastmasters I had to move outside of my comfort zone and attend many other clubs. In the process I not only made a lot of new friends but also learned to be at ease at almost any function. My self confidence has grown exponentially which not only helped in my professional life but also personal life.

Above all, my leadership track has taught me the value of teamwork and how to manage the dynamics of a team..
I have been in business for many years both in my own business and director in bigger companies. Even with that background I learned a lot. Toastmasters gives you the opportunity to interact with many like minded people and gain valuable experience on a very different and supportive level."
(Theo Potgieter)

A note:  Theo is the first Two Oceans Toastmasters member to be crowned a Distinguished Toastmaster. This means he has completed every level of the Toastmasters Speaking and Leadership Program.

"I joined Two Oceans to challenge myselft as a speaker. While I was comfortable with giving inspirational speeches I was way too serious and needed to learn how to inject humour into my speeches. Two Oceans has been a supportive space where I can try new things, step outside my comfort zone and get valuable feedback.  My speeches have become more powerful and enertaining.  Now I enjoy working with teenagers in the Youth Leadership Program and helping them create powerful speeches."

A note:  In 2013 Alana achieved a Triple Crown - three educational goals in one Toastmasters year.  She achieved her CL (Competent Leadership), Her ACB (Advanced Communicator Bronze) and her ALB (Advanced Leader Bronze).  Not small feat!

"When I was caring for my 86-year-old mother for a year in 2002, my son suggested I join Toastmasters.  It soon became the high point of my social life.  After my mom had been settled into her new retirement village, I went to teach English in Korea.  There, I saw people striving to practise and improve their English, and decided that what they needed was a TM Club.  With the help of a senior student, I established a club on campus and I still read about its progress.  Toastmasters was new in Korea, but growing at a phenomenal pace, with the result that it wasn't too difficult to work my way through competitions right up to national level.  What fun that was! 

I have enjoyed the challenges and opportunities that TM has given me, and also seen others growing and developing through them.  That's why I was so glad to find Two Oceans in Fish Hoek when I retired to Simon's Town in April.  I'm hooked for life!"
(Melanie Steyn)

"I joined Two Oceans as someone who was already working as a performer and speaker.  I realised however that there were aspects that I could improve on and that Toastmasters was a programme that would help me to uncover them.

Two Oceans Toastmasters however, has given me far more than just a way to improve my speaking. The atmosphere at the club is so warm and encouraging that I have found myself taking on challenges that I might have avoided. I thought I was signing up for a Public Speaking programme, so the Leadership side of Toastmasters has been a brilliant surprise. By being on the committee (something I was hesitant to do) I have learned leadership skills that I can apply back into the rest of my life.

I wish I had found Toastmasters years ago!"  (Verity)

A note:  Verity is a singer / songwriter and creative thinking trainer who has used her time serving on our committee to improve her Marketing, PR and Accounting skills and apply what she learns directly back to her business

"I began to visit Toastmasters, just over a year ago, in order to hopefully finally place courage alongside action and deal with my lifelong phobia of public speaking ...  Prior to eventually building up the courage to actually join and then go on to do my CC 1 and then my CC 2 I found I learned so much simply by observing others and listening to the feedback and support so generously provided. I have now stood up twice and managed to successfully speak in front of a room of people...without fainting or having a visible panic attack ...and have felt a real shift in personal growth just in that short period of time.

What has facitlitated my accomplishment so far is the overwhelming support and guidance I have received ... to the point that I am now looking forward to doing my CC 3... thankyou Two Oceans Toastmasters!!! I feel privileged to be on this journey with all of you..."  
(Claire Strohbach)

A note:  Claire completed her CC10 in June 2013 to a standing ovation from the club for outstanding progress.

"I joined Toastmasters to improve my communication, specifically to speak more clearly. However, the main benefit of Toastmasters for me is quite different.

It has been one part of a process of becoming comfortable with who I am, and striving to be " nobody but myself" ( as ee cummings puts it ). And to be resolute, and unashamed of that. Rather than trying, or feeling as if I should try, to be what I should be."

(Catherine Burnett)