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Two Oceans Toastmasters member Alana Byrne has for the last few months been running a Youth Leadership Programme at Silvermine Academy in order to help the youth of Fish Hoek find their voice. Alana, a life coach, has taken the opportunity to help Grade 11 & 12 students at Silvermine Academy take part in the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Programme as part of her own progress within the Toastmasters Leadership programme.

The atmosphere at the YLP is filled with laughter and comraderie. It is fantastic to see the elected President of the group getting to use the gavel to hold the floor during a voting procedure. Adding to that the quality of each students speech is incredible. From topics ranging from 'Leaving My Mark' to 'Discovering Our Existence' and 'Every Scar Has a Story' it is clear that the students going through this program are finding their voices and learning to effectively express their ideas. As a coach, Alana speaks to each students strengths and gives them valuable tips on how to improve the areas they struggle with. Their respect for her input is visible and it is clear that her time with the students at Silvermine Academy has been invaluable to them and her!

Michaela Reed says: “Toastmasters helped me overcome my huge fear of talking in front of people and to present a speech that I can be proud of!”   Another student Mitchell Tappe shares “All my life I have been the quiet shy girl and Toastmasters has helped to gain some confident and get over my fear of public speaking”.

“Alana's humourous and amazing skills as a coach are brilliant and I personally think every student should take part in the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Programme.” says Jamie Blackwell. Dylan found that “the ability to express my mind in words that are understandable is a trait that has been lacking for me before doing the Toastmasters course”.

Two Oceans Toastmasters is thrilled that Alana is offering such a fantastic opportunity to the students at Silvermine Academy and look forward to her running another course next term. Well done Alana!

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